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Meet Shetal

Shetal is a Registered Dietitian(RD), Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist(CDCES) and also a certified diabetes prevention coach and a positive discipline parent educator. She received training from the Ellyn Satter Institute, which offers an evidence-based, weight-neutral approach to adult and child health.  She earned her bachelors in foods and nutrition in India and a second bachelor of science in nutrition and dietetics from NIU. She completed her internship at IUPUI where she discovered the life changing power of diabetes education. 

" I approach health from the inside-out to decode your glucose patterns, lifestyle behaviors and nutrition needs. Your road to good health is your unique path. Let's discover it together."
Shetal Desai Rautela

Shetal Desai Rautela

Registered Dietitian, CDCES

Over the years, Shetal’s core success as a provider is her niche in understanding the human psyche and truly embracing the person behind the condition first in a judgment free environment. She enjoys spreading the joy of eating well and lifestyle medicine in her community by engaging in wellness talks with various organizations including schools. Her creative side engages her in content creation in lifestyle, diabetes and culturally tailored recipes. To her son she’s a ‘food doctor’ and often scores star stickers as does he!

Shetal for fitness

Care Focus Areas

  • Breaking diabetes stigma and myths

  • Harnessing diabetes technologies to personalize care

  • Personalized and evidence based food as medicine interventions

  • Intuitive and mindful eating principles

  • Ellyn Satter's Division of Responsibility and Jane Nelson's Positive Discipline for building child nutrition

  • Lifestyle Medicine: Connecting the dots between eating well, being active, community support, stress and sleep health

  • Sustainable weight and behavior modification

Shetal's cooking

"Good health begins with self-gratitude. Begin with small changes and believe that it leads to sustainable success"

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