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My philosophy is centered on cultivating a continuous student mindset, embracing traits such as curiosity, experimentation, celebration, challenge, and experiential learning. These qualities not only allow me to enhance my knowledge and expertise in my field of expertise, but also enable me to provide customized and effective solutions to share with you.

Pillars of care

Come as you are 

Regardless of whether your eating habits altered after a trip or your doctor disclosed data you're not proud of, come as you are. We'll go forward together. 

True non-judgmental care

There is no one size fits all approach to manage diabetes, weight, or family. We'll lean on data, facts, and the difficulties you present. I recognize the subtleties of life, including cultural inclinations and occasional missteps

Mind over matter

It matters what you think and feel about the recommendations. I give priority to what is in line with you, testing out alternatives as necessary. 

Knowledge is power

Understanding the why behind the what ignites the knowledge torch,  so you can carry it on!

Be safe

While experimentation is key to personalizing a plan, I always guarantee that decisions about glucose control, family requirements, and nutrition are sensible on a physical and emotional level.

Aim for improvement, not perfection

Enjoy life, no matter what you're managing!

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We'd love to learn about your journey!

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