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One body, one mind, one you

Keen to live your best life with diabetes?

Wish to tackle weight beyond just a number on the scale?
Is heart health on your mind?​
Or are you concerned about your child's eating patterns?

I meet you where you are in your journey to good health, understanding your unique mindset, routine, personality, and challenges.​ Let's embark on this journey together, tailored to your individual needs and goals. 


Virtual services individual or group •  In person walk n talk sessions (locals only)

Grapefruits Slices

Weight & Metabolic Health

Weight, disorderly eating, prediabetes, heart health, hypertension, PCOS and women’s health

 Health at every size is at the forefront of care. Pillars of nutrition & lifestyle as medicine for weight, prediabetes, heart health and more


Diabetes Care

Individualized diabetes care driven by your glucose data. Includes device training, engaging insights and empowering outcomes

Adults & caregivers of persons with

type 1 diabetes , type 2 diabetes, diabetes and pregnancy, gestational diabetes,


Child cooking

Family & Child Nutrition

 Practical ways to nourish your child and your family. Includes positive parenting tips, virtual kitchen tours and meal planning

Parents/caregivers  of children 0-10, families with children of all ages and meal planning, pregnancy and nutrition

Team work is dream work

Let's start with what you know before exploring new grounds and unknown territories.

Image by Isabella Fischer

 Often, meaningful change begins with the information we already possess. Let's embrace that! My approach involves taking the time to understand your current knowledge base and then identify areas you are eager to dig into. Together, we'll create a tailored plan to meet your health goals.

Discovery call

Have questions prior to scheduling a visit? 

I use a HIPPA compliant platform - GetHealthie

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